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My Weekly Outfit


About MC Boutique

Mely and Cyd met during their kids' activities at school. One day, talking about how to reinvent themselves and do something that would leave them "extra money in their pockets", the idea of ​​making a Boutique for women's clothes came up. This idea was forgotten for a while, and Mely moved to Miami, while Cyd continued in Puerto Rico with her daily routine. After a few months, they returned to the theme of the Boutique, but this time deciding to act. Mely began visiting stores in Miami until they finally decided to give the first "credit card payment" and make their first purchase. Cyd began by "birthing " the website and moving the social networks.

And so began this adventure that they originally called Mely & Cyd, and has now become MC Boutique (www.mcboutiquepr.com).

The road to success, as they see it, will be uphill, but they are excited to have taken this first step to reach you, get your support, and to grow together and see how far they will be able to go.